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Welcome to usmedicinecare - it’s Your Pharmacy

You quest many sites to invest in the medicine which can be easily and cheaply available for you. Your hunt stops over here. Usmedicinecare is the most trusted site among the online drug shopping business having the medicines manufactured as per the guideline of USFDA. Here you will get the Generic Drugs as same as that of Branded drugs. Usmedicinecare is the safest site to order a flawless medicine in the time frame. Here the buyer is offered with lower charge so that the drug reaches to the individual who really is in the need of it.

What have we to offer?

Hassle-free service:

Our home delivery service provides utmost convenience to help you order drugs online without compromising on time and quality.

Free shipping:

We offer Free Shipping and same day tracking numberon all orders of US $300.

Facility of e-cheques:

No need to deal with the hassle of paper checks. An e-Cheque is the electronic version of the standard paper check. These are sometimes called electronic checks, direct debit, or ACH transfer. e-Cheque are used to make payments online using only the info that would be contained on a “paper” check.

Why to opt only us?

Having years of experience in this terrain, we chiseled a position by providing the most appropriate collection of the generic drugs via online shopping. Due to our optimal customer satisfaction wide market popularity we are the best selling site. Here, we ensure you of quality drugs which are sourced from the authentic chemist. These available drugs are formulated according to the international guidelines. The value of our clients and their sentiments are the utmost priority of Usmedicinecare.


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Robert Johnson

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"Customers care team are very co-operative and well behaved; try to resolve our queries with in very short period."


Generic Medicine

WHO stated that the generic drugs are the pharmaceutical compositions which are interchangeable with the pioneer’s drugs. Requirement of the license is not the priority for its manufacturing. They are marketed after the branded drugs got expired. Generic drugs are advertised under their chemical name. These drugs are regulated according to the government norms as they are not associated with any of the private firms. The core ingredient is formulated as an original formulation. That’s why the generic drugs are cheaper than the branded one. Even the poorest of all can afford it. They are as effective as the branded drugs in terms of their mode of action, its efficacy. The marketing of generic drugs is rising day by day in many countries because they are safe, easily available and inexpensive.

Due to its varied advantages, the acceptability of generic drug is increasing among the developed countries. Doctors are also prescribing these medicines to their patients as they are less harmful.

Generic Medicines are those medicines which have similar Pharmaceutical active ingredient in its formulation. These medicines are similar with the Branded medicines in the following ways:

  • Route of administration,
  • Mechanism of action,
  • Dosage form; in liquid form or in tablet form or in parental form,
  • Equivalent dose to that of branded drugs.

Safety or Efficacy

Generic medicines are highly safe or efficient to that of branded drugs. These medicines possess same action, dosage form, side effects and adverse effects.

Cost effective

These medicines are very cost effective, so that the normal man can easily afford them. These medicines are easily available in the market.

Manufactures of these medicines need not to file a patent for these medicines. These medicines are the copies of brand name medicines.
These manufactures do not hire any agent for the promotion of these medicines.
Clinical trials are not performed on these medicines.

Quality standards

These medicines are approved by FDA (Food and drug administration) agency. The manufacturing of these medicines must be carried out under the rules; GMP principles. So they have the same quality standards as compared to brand name drugs.

If you are looking for Purchase Medicine Online Reputed FDA Approved Drug Store USA, contact one of your executives at 1-888-609-2505 or drop your enquiry on USmedicinecare